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Style Your Kitchen

Posted by May 30, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
Ever wonder how much stuff you should leave on your kitchen countertops? Here’s some helpful tips from HGTV to keep your kitchen looking stylish and functioning well too! #HomeStaging #TuesdaysTip #StagetoSell Click here to read 11 tips for styling your kitchen  

New Design Trend – Leaning Artwork

Posted by May 23, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
There’s a new trend happening in the design world according to Architectural Digest… leaning artwork instead of hanging.  It allows for more flexibility in changing decor around without having to spackle and repaint every time you change your mind.  It also gives a more relaxed appearance to a room.  Click here to read more about Leaning… Read More…

Maintenance Tips for Stucco Homes

Posted by April 25, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
How many of you own stucco homes?  I am about to buy one!  I would love for anyone who owns, or has owned, a stucco home to share their experience.  In the meantime, there is some great information out there on how to properly care for a stucco home: Repairing Hairline Cracks In Exterior Stucco

Top 10 Healthy Home Tips

Posted by April 6, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
We can all make our home a healthier place to live.  Here are some great tips help you on your way! Next on my list is to install a whole house water filter…. Top 10 Healthy Home Tips for 2017

Green Home Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by March 28, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
Aside from baking soda, vinegar and lemon, hydrogen peroxide is also a powerful cleaning product for your home!  Check out some great ways to use it as an alternative to more harmful products sold in stores. Cleaning your home with Hydrogen Peroxide

Chemical Free Cleaning Cloths

Posted by March 16, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
As many of you already know, I’m really into chemical free cleaning. I kind of have to be with 4 kids 7 and under in the house. I recently bought some Norwex dish, hand, floor and window cloths and they are my favorite yet! I wasn’t sure about them with the price being a little… Read More…
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